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Below you will find our database of therapists and physicians that are in our network and available for you to use.  Don't see the name you are looking for?
While our list is good, its not comprehensive so, contact us to check it out or get additional network options at 888-969-7874.

Verify Provider Eligibility

Prior to scheduling with a BCP network therapist or psychiatrist, you must contact us to confirm your eligibility at: Triage and Referral Line: 888-969-7874.

Not sure where to look for a mental health or substance abuse specialist?
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We will work with you to help you find a mental health and/or substance abuse specialist in your area. Our team of specialists at BCP will help you determine what type of treatment may work best for you, address your insurance needs,  and refer you to a provider who can help you access appropriate treatment now.

Bottomline, at BCP, we will refer you to quality treatment providers that will work for you and work for your personal insurance plan.

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For more information on treatment and in-network providers, contact our Triage and Referral Line at 888-969-7874.